5 dream candidates to replace Mike Tomlin if he unexpectedly walks away in 2024

The Steelers won't be in the market for a head coach, but these five candidates are exactly what they need.
Steelers, Ben Johnson
Steelers, Ben Johnson / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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4. Brian Johnson, Eagles' OC

Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator, Brian Johnson, is in a very similar situation as Frank Smith. Both OCs sit back as their head coaches call the offense, but both are learning behind two of the most aggressive coaches in the NFL. Nick Sirianni has been outstanding for the Eagles, and Johnson -- who is just 36 years old -- could prove to be another great young offensive mind in this league.

Sirianni is known as both the inventor and perfector of the 'tush push' -- the QB sneak that is nearly impossible to stop. This routinely makes the Eagles one of the most aggressive teams on 4th down in the NFL. Johnson no doubt has his hand in the offense and is consulting closely with his head coach.

Johnson is a former college player and cover athlete on NCAA Football '10. He understands the game from a player's perspective and has also had the privilege of learning the secrets behind one of the most successful offenses in the league in Philadelphia.

If the Steelers end up searching for a new head coach, Brian Johnson makes for a strong candidate thanks to his success working with Nick Sirianni. He could help turn Pittsburgh's stagnant offense around in a hurry.