5 dream scenarios for Steelers fans during the 2023 season

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Someone becomes the long-term answer at middle linebacker for the Steelers

One of the weak points on defense has been middle linebacker. It has been a problem on the defensive side of the ball for the Steelers ever since Ryan Shazier suffered his career-ending injury that fateful night in Cincinnati. There have been plenty of attempts to try and find a stable linebacker to occupy the middle of the defense, but there has not been success.

Vince Williams would have at least stabilized that spot, but he retired at a younger age than most. Devin Bush was a draft bust that was not able to ever get his footing in the NFL while wearing the black and gold colors. Now the club enters the 2023 season with new additions and inexperienced options to hopefully emerge as a top linebacker.

Cole Holcomb seems like the obvious choice to emerge as the top linebacker for the Steelers if they find a long-term answer from this group. He signed a nice contract during free agency to join Pittsburgh in their efforts. There are some other options on the team that could potentially become an underdog story that arises to a star caliber player.

Mark Robinson might have one of the highest ceilings among this group of inside linebackers. Overall, they are not a talented group on paper and very little is expected of them. Robinson showed some promise in his short number of snaps last year. Perhaps he could jump into training camp and earn a starting job and go from there.