5 early season moves the Steelers could make to try and solve problems on the fly

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Plenty of talent acquisition rumors have been going crazy around this team

Tons of rumors have been surrounding the Steelers lately, and most can be thought of as conjecture. Some have speculated that a couple of different high-profile players could join the Black and Gold soon. Neither would accomplish much in terms of addressing needs but they would add some quality to depth positions.

Dalvin Cook was released by the Minnesota Vikings a while ago and seems to be waiting for the perfect place to land. The Miami Dolphins make a lot of sense but some want the Steelers to make him an offer. It would make little sense for Cook with both Harris and Warren both on the roster. He would be a good fallback option if an injury occurs.

One of the hottest rumors in town recently has been the connection between Chase Young and the Steelers. It does not make a ton of sense for Young as he would seemingly be searching for a spot where he can start. He would not find that here with the two quality starters that are occupying those spots.


It makes some sense for the Steelers, but they just signed Markus Golden and drafted Nick Herbig. This would be a luxury addition, and it would have to come cheap if Washington was willing to part with the former second-overall pick. Young has amazing abilities but his injuries throughout his career have somewhat derailed his time in the NFL. He could be worth a cheap flyer, but it does not make a ton of sense.