5 facts about the history of the NFL Pro Bowl that you may not know

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Death is at the doorstep of the NFL Pro Bowl as it loses interest

There have been many different iterations of the Pro Bowl event for the NFL over its history. It started as a group of All-Stars taking on the Champions of the league and is now a flag football game with little interest. Plenty of previous iterations before the flag football game were much more interesting than what the NFL currently puts on display.

They are trying to find different ways to keep fans interested throughout the weekend before the Super Bowl by having different contests. Overall though, it is a lame event and started to crumble when the Pro Bowl was shoved into the week before the Super Bowl. All of the players who participate in the Super Bowl have no opportunity to participate in the Pro Bowl.

Those are normally some of the best players in the game that season, so the NFL is missing out on that talent already. The idea of completely taking out the tackling portion is lame and something the NFL has to bring back. If they are worried about a player's health during that contest, then just fold the event in total and mark a Pro Bowl selection on a player's resume.

Also, bring the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii forever when the new stadium is built, which the league should help fund. There are so many ideas the NFL could try out and the entire playground game and flag football is something many people don't care to see. Either come up with innovative ideas or just fold the entire event because its current iteration is embarrassing.

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