5 fan-favorites Steelers won't be able to draft without a trade-up

Steelers, Paris Johnson Jr.
Steelers, Paris Johnson Jr. / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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4. CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

Speaking of Devon Witherspoon, the Illinois standout once peaked as a top-5 prospect set to enter the NFL Draft. According to NFL Mock Draft Database, he has now fallen to the 8th overall spot. This is still well out of Pittsburgh's range.

Witherspoon measured in at 5'11 1/2'' at the NFL Combine, but his 10th percentile weight (181 lbs) and 18th percentile wingspan (73 5/8'' arms) were less than ideal. He proceeded to skip testing at both the Combine and his pro day as he recovered from an injury.

But even with an unspectacular offseason, Witherspoon's tape is so good that teams will have no problem getting past this. The Illinois product plays like a savvy veteran with outstanding instincts, great ball skills, and unmatched physicality.

Even with a potential draft-day slide outside of the top 10, Pittsburgh would still have to trade up ahead of some cornerback-needy teams if they want to secure a prospect this good.