5 former Steelers players who might be done in the NFL

Steelers, Myles Jack
Steelers, Myles Jack / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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In a multi-billion-dollar business like the NFL, a player's career could end without a moment's notice. Even the best players in the game fall off at a certain point and are forced to retire. For others, that time could come much sooner.

Each year, hundreds of young, healthy players flood into the NFL through the draft while dozens of others make a name for themselves as undrafted free agents. With 53 roster spots available per team, many veterans are left jobless. This could now be the case for a handful of Pittsburgh Steelers players. Here are five former Steelers players who could be done in the NFL.

5. LB Myles Jack

Myles Jack is still just 27 years old, but that doesn't mean that he's guaranteed to get another shot on an NFL roster. In 2021 with the Jaguars, Jack really struggled as he graded out as he earned a dismal 37.7 overall grade, via Pro Football Focus -- good for 76th among 86 qualifying NFL linebackers.

Many fans ignored his unspectacular season and claimed he would bounce back in Pittsburgh in 2022, but I warned fans not to have unrealistic expectations. Despite recording 104 tackles in 15 games this past year, Jack was awful. The veteran linebacker was a liability in both running and passing situations while being void of any sort of splash plays.

Jack failed to record a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery, or interception for the second straight season. In addition, the splits with him on the field were awful, and Jack was making his tackles well past the line of scrimmage.

Jack was flagged for degenerative knees coming into the league back in 2016, and this may be catching up with him. The veteran linebacker doesn't play special teams and has been a liability on defense. I wouldn't be surprised if his playing days are done already.