5 former Steelers players who might be done in the NFL

Steelers, Myles Jack
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3. CB Arthur Maulet

Arthur Maulet recently had a falling out with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he was very vocal about how he felt his contract situation was mishandled. Maulet is one of the more experienced slot cornerbacks in the NFL. Last year in Pittsburgh, he logged 420 snaps from the slot.

Despite his experience over the past four years on the Steelers and Jets, Maulet's career could very well be coming to a close. The veteran cornerback turns 30 years old this summer, and teams may decide that he's not worth a retread at this stage in his career.

Unlike many established veterans, Maulet does offer special teams value (which is obviously a plus), but the sample we have seen on defense simply hasn't been good enough. In 2021 with the Steelers, Maulet allowed a 119.0 passer rating when targeted, per Pro Football Reference. That number improved only slightly to a 105.0 passer rating allowed last year, and allowing 14.5 yards per completion from the slot is unacceptable.

Maulet may still have a bit of gas left in the tank, but teams might not be willing to part ways with younger, fresher players with more upside at the bottom of their cornerback depth to roster a player like Maulet. His NFL journey could be coming to a close.