5 impact defensive linemen the Steelers could target in free agency

The Steelers could target some of these defensive tackles once Free Agency starts

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Daquan Jones is an underrated defensive lineman hitting the market

Another option for the Steelers this offseason could be Daquan Jones. He would not be as expensive as Reader, but he might be able to provide some starting snaps. A lot of what Pittsburgh does at the defensive line area will depend on Ogunjobi, and if they believe Benton can take that next step. If Benton is deemed their guy, then they might try and go with a role player.

Jones is coming off a pectoral injury, which sidelined him for nearly three months. He is also 32 years old, so that could also be a red flag. When he was healthy and playing for the Bills these past two years, he was an impact player. This veteran is more like Reader in the fact that he is better against the run rather than rushing the passer.

He has shown the ability to apply more pressure to quarterback over the past couple of seasons. Maybe there is a world where the Steelers keep all their linemen and add someone like Jones to play a role on the team. Ogunjobi could rush the passer, and Jones could come in, so they have a solid run defender on the field when necessary.

Signing him as a role player does seem more like a luxury than anything. He is getting older but has proven that he can play quality snaps still. His next contract seems to be leaning towards a one-year deal that will cost a little under seven million bucks. That is pricey for a role player, but Jones could help fix the defensive line by adding some balance upfront.