5 impact defensive linemen the Steelers could target in free agency

The Steelers could target some of these defensive tackles once Free Agency starts

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Fletcher Cox could be a nice rotational piece for Pittsburgh's defense

Rumors started to catch fire around the Super Bowl after Fletcher Cox voiced that he would be interested in joining the Steelers. He has respect for the organization. His long-time teammate Jason Kelce just retired, and it seems like Cox could consider that too. It would be two Philadelphia sports legends calling it quits in the same offseason if that scenario played out.

Cox does seem interested in seeing what kind of options he might have. He also did not rule out returning to the Eagles next season. The ten-year veteran has had a great career that could have him end up in the Hall of Fame. With his mention of interest in joining the Steelers, it might be the best option to place a call to Cox when free agency begins.

Pittsburgh should check and see if he would be willing to work out a deal with the black and gold and jump ship over to the opposite side of Pennsylvania. Cox will turn 33 years old during the 2024 season. That's about where Heyward sits in the age department. Having those two play next to each other is almost like an All-star team, but their age doesn't help.

Even with them getting older, those two together would be a great force. Cox doesn't have any contract projections right now, but the Steelers could potentially work out a short-term deal that pays him around 10 million. He remains an impact player. Father time will catch up to him at some point, but a short-term deal could boost the defensive line.

Update: Fletcher Cox announced his retirement from the NFL just days before the start of free agency.