5 impact defensive linemen the Steelers could target in free agency

The Steelers could target some of these defensive tackles once Free Agency starts

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Quinton Jefferson is a local guy that the Steelers could sign in Free Agency

Another local option for the Steelers here in free agency as Quinton Jefferson attended Woodland Hills High School. That idea of playing for your hometown team is something players have in the back of their minds. He was never able to get to Pittsburgh, but it could be different this time around. He played a big role on the Jet's defense last season, but he wasn't the main guy.

He remained a role player on their defense and is someone who could boost depth to his next team. He made a little over three and a half million last season, and it seems like he is preparing for a pay increase in free agency. Jefferson deserves it after having a good statistical season last year that saw him total eight sacks.

He did not grade out well as a whole, but he is someone who could provide pass-rush depth to the defense. It might also provide an avenue where you get a role player who can play behind Heyward and Ogunjobi and keep everyone. Eight sacks will jump out to teams, but his lack of skills in other parts of his game might decrease his price tag.

If the Steelers could get him on a short-term contract that pays him around five or six million then that would be a nice move. Depth needs help and signing Jefferson would bring a local kid home who knows how to attack the passer. He would be a nice fit and could become someone like Chris Wormley when he played with the black and gold.