5 landing spots for a prominent Steelers running back in 2025 free agency

The Steelers star running back seems primed to leave the team in free agency next year. He will have plenty of teams interested in his talents.
Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

Everything is pointing to a divorce between the Steelers and their star running back.

Training camp could prove different if contract talks heat up, but it is rare for a team to turn down a player's fifth-year option to extend him later. More times than not, a player like Najee Harris will end up in free agency and playing for another team come next year. He should have a decent market if he continues his production from previous seasons.

Expect Harris to have a quality market if he makes it to free agency in 2025.

Arizona Cardinals

A couple of reasons go behind the Arizona Cardinals potentially becoming a match with Harris in free agency next year.

We all know about the Steelers-West idea where many former Pittsburgh players end up in Arizona before their career comes to a close. James Conner is still with the Cardinals but will become a free agent following this season. Arizona will also have a ton of cap space to work with, which could mean a lucrative contract for Harris.

Ending up in the desert might be a perfect place for Harris. He wouldn't need to be a star and could help an offense that has been struggling in recent years.

Minnesota Vikings

Another band-aid has been placed on the Vikings issue at running back.

They signed Aaron Jones this year, but they could be in the market for adding another running back in free agency in 2025. They will have enough cap room to facilitate a contract and could move on from Jones as the aging veteran could struggle. Harris is still young and could be the top back moving forward. Adding Harris could also take pressure off of J.J. McCarthy.

Denver Broncos

No one really knows what Sean Payton's plan is for the Denver Broncos moving forward.

Denver threw a bunch of darts at the board this past offseason and hopes one of the quarterbacks sticks as a quality starter. They need to find a way to get a reliable running back in the building and Harris could be the answer. The main issue is Denver has little cap space to work with. They will have a hole at running back next offseason as Javonte Williams is a pending free agent.

Maybe the Steelers could pick up Williams for cheap and Denver goes for Harris.

Dallas Cowboys

Harris to the Dallas Cowboys has been a fun rumor to see cross the Steelers headlines over the past month.

It doesn't make sense for any party involved to make a trade between the Steelers and Cowboys happen now. We will have to see where both teams are at around the trade deadline, and maybe then it could become a reality. In truth, the most realistic outcome for Harris to the Cowboys would be in free agency once this season wraps up.

Dallas would make a ton of sense for Harris if they can make the money work. They still need to extend Dak Prescott, so we will see if they have any cash left after that.

Las Vegas Raiders

Everyone seems to want to play in Las Vegas. It is a booming sports town.

The Raiders want to be a tough and physical football team, but they are missing a legit starter at the running back position. If the Steelers let Harris go in free agency, the Raiders could make a ton of sense. They need a true number one at the position, and they need help with an offense that is set up to struggle this year.

Adding Harris and a couple of other pieces to their offense next offseason could bolt them into playoff contention.

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