5 major changes the Steelers need to implement during their break

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers need to scheme around Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren

The Titans game was one of the best ones on the ground for the Steelers. Both Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris got the job done this week. Harris was his usual self, providing some tough runs while also finding the endzone. While nothing amazing, he was steady and powerful.

Warren was another story. His burst and ability to pick up extra yards in space was on display once again, and despite having fewer carries than Harris, he outgained him on the ground. He is also a more dynamic receiving threat. He and Harris are just about splitting snaps, and that is well-earned.

What I really liked seeing was snaps where both running backs were on the field. Harris would line up as the traditional back and Warren was more of a half-back, playing along the line. This has been successful, and more of these plays need to be drawn up. As well, having both backs in the backfield could also make sense.

This offense, while better, was still pretty poor against the Titans. The passing game is a wreck, so a good rushing attack will be key in keeping this offense on pace. Using both backs equally and even at the same time can be a big boost to this offense. The team won last year because of their running game and needs to build around the success they had against the Titans.