5 Mike Tomlin replacements if a Steelers divorce becomes finalized

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Well, the Steelers had another one-and-done performance in the playoffs. It's still a fresh wound that Pittsburgh has to heal from with time. Mike Tomlin's future seems more in question than ever. He walked out of the post-game press conference after being asked about his future.

It could be just frustration from the loss, but it's not often that Tomlin shows that side of him in public. It's still likely that he gets a contract extension, but things do seem different than years prior. The Steelers could realistically be looking for a new Head Coach in the coming weeks.

Steelers would have to check with Bill Belichick at Head Coach

Many fans in Pittsburgh might not like the idea of hiring Bill Belichick. He still runs with the mind of the old way of thinking in the NFL. He is defensive-minded, but he is a stable coach who knows how to control the locker room. No matter what kind of issues he has caused in the past, he is a Hall of Fame coach and arguably one of the best ever.

Seeing Belichick flip from New England to the Steelers organization would be something to behold. He would get a solid defense and a team that seems to be a couple of pieces away from competing for a championship. Pittsburgh needs post-season success and Belichick would provide that opportunity to them.

This seems like an unlikely option because Belichick probably wants full control as General Manager and Head Coach at his next job. Pittsburgh would not provide that option to him during the hiring process. The black and gold should give a call, but Belichick wouldn't be the most likely outcome.