5 Mike Tomlin replacements if a Steelers divorce becomes finalized

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Bobby Slowik would bring something totally new from the Mike Tomlin era

Someone who has burst onto the scene in recent weeks regarding Head Coaching opportunities has been none other than Bobby Slowik. He is a young offensive mind who has worked with plenty of great young coaches around the NFL. He would be something different that the Steelers haven't had in a while.

With the success of Houston this season, many teams will want in on that success. C.J. Stroud has helped make Slowik's life much easier, but Slowik has done a great job himself. The Texans will probably have many of their top coaches hired elsewhere via promotions.

Slowik actually started his NFL coaching career on the defensive side. He then transitioned over to offense and learned from one of the best offensive minds in football, Kyle Shanahan. That learning tool has catapulted the 36-year-old into Head Coaching conversations.

He would be something totally new for the Steelers. He would be another young hire for Pittsburgh, but he is mostly focused on offensive things. He would likely need a solid defensive coordinator to help on that side of the ball. This hire would put Pittsburgh into the modern era of football.