5 Mike Tomlin replacements if a Steelers divorce becomes finalized

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Mike Vrabel has connections to the Steelers that could bring interest

Someone who hasn't gotten enough attention in the early going of the Head Coach hiring process is Mike Vrabel. He is just a couple of years removed from winning Coach of the Year. Many thought he was going to be hired by the Patriots, but that didn't happen.

He had a long career and played for many different teams around the NFL before retiring as a player. He started in Pittsburgh before winning championships in New England and then ending his career in Kansas City. It could make sense for him to return to the Steelers.

If Mike Tomlin decides to leave his post, then someone like Vrabel would be a great hire. Things fell apart in Tennessee his last couple of years there, but all the blame can't be put on him. He kept the Titans competitive each year that he was their top coach.

Tomlin and Vrabel aren't so different when you hear how players talk about them. They're relatable guys who know how to connect and get the most out of their players. The Steelers Head Coaching gig is a prime opening and Vrabel would notice that instantly. Could he be a good match for both sides?