5 Mike Tomlin replacements if a Steelers divorce becomes finalized

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Ben Johnson will be in high demand as a Head Coach candidate

Perhaps the top candidate for Head Coach for most openings is none other than Ben Johnson. He is currently the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions and they just advanced to the divisional round of the playoffs. He will be a Head Coach once the hiring season dies down.

He is a young offensive mind who has played a big part in turning around the Lions from a flopped franchise into potential Super Bowl contenders. He had his name come up last year around this time to become a top coach, but that didn't pan out. He will surely get hired and many teams will be calling for his services.

Hiring someone like Johnson would mark a new era for Pittsburgh's organization. They would be committing to a more offensive approach to football. Maybe that transition is something they need to commit to once and for all so they can compete for championships again.

Johnson would be a great hire as he could help this offense figure things out and could even possibly fix Kenny Pickett. If Tomlin does leave, then the Steelers opening would become one of the most sought-after jobs in the NFL. Johnson would be a great option for this team.