5 Mike Tomlin replacements if a Steelers divorce becomes finalized

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Brian Flores makes too much sense as a Mike Tomlin successor

Sticking out like a sore thumb here if Mike Tomlin leaves is none other than Brian Flores. It would make a lot of sense to hire Flores to be Tomlin's successor. Flores was with the Steelers organization last season after having trouble finding a job.

He left this past year to be the defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. Both the coach and organization know how he works and it would make a ton of sense to make this move. Flores has Head coaching experience during his time in Miami.

Another thing that Flores brings that has been missing in Pittsburgh for some time is accountability. He holds his players accountable and is not afraid to make decisions to better his team. Sometimes that causes scrutiny, but this team has too many big egos to handle.

Flores is a guy who deserves another shot at being a top coach in the NFL, and the Steelers would be a great chance for him. He is a tough coach who has found ways to get some bad teams into competitive spots. If Tomlin leaves the Steelers then expect Flores to potentially be his successor.

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