5 most likely Steelers draft choices in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft

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With the NFL draft just days away, Pittsburgh Steelers fans near and far have the favorites they would like to see Pittsburgh select with their first selection in the draft. Regardless of who you would like to see them take, it does not mean that’s the name you will hear called. Short of knowing who they will ultimately pick, we can answer one question: who are the top five most likely players the Steelers could select?

An examination of hundreds of mock drafts provides insight into which players the Steelers will likely target depending on how the draft plays out. In 2023 there were no less than 30 different players that mock drafts had the Steelers taking. Some are viable potentials that could land in Pittsburgh, but many of the others were not. Nevertheless, it’s fun to look at the possibilities.

So here are the top five players the Steelers are likely to take, plus one honorable mention that just fell short of making the top five list.

Honorable Mention: Myles Murphy, Edge, Clemson

Mock drafts had Murphy falling to the Steelers nine times and working out to a 4.29% that the Steelers have his name called on draft day. Murphey will likely hear his name called on night one, as mock drafts have teams taking him about 95.71% of the time.

Murphy would be an interesting selection should the Steelers take him. An edge rusher is not their greatest need, but having an insurance policy for T. J. Watt is not a bad idea. It’s just a bit unlikely Murphy is the route the Steelers go. If other teams make a run on cornerbacks or the offensive tackles before pick 17, then it’s plausible the Steelers could shift gears and go for a quality edge rusher.

 T.J. Watt is 6’4” and 252lbs. Murphy is 6’5” and 268lbs. Plus, most of his strengths outweigh his weaknesses. He is projected to be a starter within two seasons and think of what he could learn from T.J. Watt. While he may not become a member of the Steelers, Murphey could still pay dividends in the odd occurrence he does fall to the Steelers.