5 most likely Steelers draft choices in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft

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2. Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee

While not the highest-rated tackle out there, Darnell Wright is generally considered to be in the top five offensive tackles. Yet, everyone is going to rank the tackles differently. Wright, in mock drafts, falls to the Steelers 10.48% of the time and falls to the Steelers 22 times.

The primary reason Wright is in the top two potential draft choices for the Steelers is that most people rank him four or five, and he only went off the draft board 22.85% of the time before pick 17. Thus he stands a higher chance of being on the board for the Steelers.

There is only one slight problem Wright is a right tackle, not a left tackle, so the question here is that do the Steelers want to take a right tackle over a left tackle such as Paris Johnson, Broderick Jones, or Dawand Jones? Considering Dan Moore continued to struggle as the Steelers left tackle for most of the 2022 season it would make more sense to opt for a left tackle, given the Steelers right tackle Chukwuma Okorafor is a slightly more solid offensive lineman than Dan Moore.

That still does not mean Wright could not learn to play the left tackle position, but would it make more sense that if you need a left tackle, then you draft a natural left tackle rather than burn your first pick on a right tackle that you have to convert to the left side of the line.  Of course, if needed, the Steelers could move Okorafor to the left side, letting Wright start on the right side. If Wright is their selection when the Steelers are on the clock, that could be what happens if he is the choice.