5 most likely Steelers draft choices in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft

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1. Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State

Joey Porter Jr. In mock drafts has been the clear draft favorite in the entire off-season. In most mock drafts, he fell to the Steelers 27.62% of the time. However, you have to take this with a grain of salt. In most mock drafts before April, he was the clear favorite and was as high as 35% at one point. However, in the last three weeks, mock drafts have the Steelers taking a tackle more often.

Thus despite the fact Porter is at the top of the list, it seems more likely he does not go to the Steelers (although he would be a perfect fit, considering his dad was a premier linebacker for several seasons and then later was a coach).

Even if the Steelers want Porter, getting him will not be easy because he still goes off the board 41.42% of the time to either the Patriots or the Commanders. Nevertheless, mock drafts are far from accurate, and he still has a fair chance of being on the draft board for the Steelers.

Let’s suppose the Steelers are able to get Porter; it could work out well for them. He has the potential to be a lockdown cornerback, something they have not had since the days of Rod Woodson. Also, with the addition of Patrick Peterson, they would not have to rush to start Porter, and they could ease him as an eventual starter. Plus, he could learn much from Peterson before becoming a starter.

However, if the Steelers end up with injuries in the secondary, it gives them some depth if injuries force Porter to start. The Steelers could do worse than picking Porter. Yet, despite topping this list, one could assume the Steelers could be leaning toward addressing the offensive line first. Thus allowing them to take one of the remaining cornerbacks with the first selection in round two.   

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Definitely, any of the players on this list have the potential to become a member of the Steelers. That said, there is no guarantee any of them will, nor does it mean any of them are the best choice. It all comes down to who Mike Tomlin and Omar Kahn think is the best fit for the Steelers, and it’s also plausible we could hear another name called not on this list. We will know in less than a week.