5 offensive stars from the Senior Bowl the Steelers could target in the NFL Draft

Reese's Senior Bowl
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Spencer Rattler stood out amongst a disappointing Quarterback group

One of the early points of interest for many who closely monitor the draft process has been the disappointments of the quarterback play. Many have tabbed this group of quarterback prospects as one of the best and deepest in recent memory. That simply has not been the case early into the pre-draft process and the Senior Bowl has only reinforced that.

Many thought the "headline" quarterbacks in attendance like Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr. would separate themselves as the fourth or third best quarterback in the class. That did not happen and it seems like their draft stock took a hit from this event. One quarterback that many haven't mentioned that had a good week was Spencer Rattler.

The Steelers don't desperately need a quarterback right now, but it seems like almost a guarantee that they will revamp that position group. Kenny Pickett will be the starter but will have to earn it out of training camp. Mason Rudolph will try to be brought back or a veteran will be brought in. Mitch Trubisky will likely not return and that could mean the Steelers draft a quarterback in the mid to late rounds of the draft.

Rattler started off his career strong in college, but it tapered off after his magical start. He is someone who might have been limited by those around him as he does possess quality attributes for a quarterback. He won the offensive MVP for the Senior Bowl and has seen his draft stock rise. If he finishes his pre-draft process off strong, then he could easily be a day-two selection. He would be a nice flyer on day three for the Steelers, but a second or third-round pick on Rattler might be too rich.

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