5 offensive studs from the combine Steelers should be infatuated with

Georgia offensive lineman Amarius Mims (OL50)
Georgia offensive lineman Amarius Mims (OL50) / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers will be all over Patrick Paul

Like running back, the Steelers very much have a type when it comes to their tackles. I would argue that length is the most important physical trait that they look for, as they like their tackles with long arms. A bonus is if you just so happen to be a mountain of a man, as freaky-sized tackles are a favorite of this offense.

There are quite a few prospects that fit this mold early in the draft. While I am in favor of this team taking a tackle in the first round because of this, if the board breaks better elsewhere, Patrick Paul has to be a potential fit in the second round.

While he didn’t crack the 6’8 mark (he was 6’7 and ½), he checked off the rest of the boxes. He plays at a good weight, and most importantly, he has freakish length with over 36” arms. He wasn’t a dynamic athlete by any means, but his overall testing numbers were solid. Players with his build are a rare breed.

His play is unrefined which has limited his draft stock. Add in the unusually deep tackle class and Paul projects to go somewhere on day two. If the Steelers go elsewhere with their first pick, Paul has to be considered in the second round. His size is perfect for this team, and even if he needs some time on the bench to refine his game, he would be the perfect option for a developmental tackle.