5 offseason moves that will remind Steelers fans that Omar Khan is a genius

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Steelers will remain uncommitted at quarterback

On the surface, being uncommitted at quarterback doesn’t sound like the best strategy. Ideally, you want to have faith in your guy and build around him. When your quarterback has played like Kenny Pickett has through two seasons though, it is wise to keep every option open.

It is no secret that Pickett hasn’t been good through two seasons. He misses a lot of passes, doesn’t do well in the pocket, and fails to actually throw touchdown passes. While he can suddenly transform into a nearly elite player when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter, he plays like a mess for the rest of the game.

It is so bad that when Mason Rudolph came in as an injury replacement, the team not only didn’t miss Pickett, but they got better. Rudolph earned the starting role while Pickett was relegated to backup duties after he got healthy.

It seems likely that the Steelers try and bring Rudolph back for next season. Because he replaced Pickett, that would likely signal a competition for next season. There is also a real chance this team will look for a quarterback through other means due to the struggles of Pickett.

My viewpoint on Pickett is very low, so I think Khan not being focused on just relying on him as the only option will be a smart thing. Either he rises to the occasion or doesn’t, and that should at least provide the team with some clarity at the position moving forward.