5 options the Steelers should have hired over Arthur Smith as Offensive Coordinator

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Mark Brunell is a name that should be brought up more for Offensive Coordinator

It was a hard way to end the season for the Detroit Lions as they blew a 17-point lead in the NFC Championship game. Their Cinderella story has come to a bitter end and they will be looking to find changes to improve their club. Some of those things will end with coaches finding upgrades at their current positions elsewhere across the NFL.

Mark Brunell may get a promotion to offensive coordinator elsewhere since Ben Johnson (their current coordinator) will stick around for another season. Brunell is someone that the Steelers should have asked to interview and see if the Lions grant that permission. He has been with the Lions since 2021 and has helped Jared Goff resurrect his career in Detroit. That is something that the Steelers might have been interested in.

One issue with Brunell is that he has little coaching experience outside his work with the Lions. He hasn't called plays for an offense, so that would be something that could be an issue. Mike Tomlin said he would like someone with previous coordinator experience, so it makes sense why Smith was the candidate that they went with. Brunell is a former NFL quarterback and that might be something Tomlin would have liked in that spot.

Someone that knows how it is to play in the NFL, could have been a benefit to someone like Kenny Pickett. Trying to find ways of getting the young quarterback on the right path to straightening out his rocky career. Brunell has not been brought up much in terms of potential offensive coordinator gigs, but he has helped the Lions turn their franchise around.