5 options the Steelers should have hired over Arthur Smith as Offensive Coordinator

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Klint Kubiak should had been interviewed before Arthur Smith was hired

It seems like one of the fan-favorites to be the Steeler's next offensive coordinator was none other than Klint Kubiak. He is currently with the San Francisco 49ers as their offensive passing game specialist. He has a lot of the qualities that Tomlin named during his season-ending press conference. It seems like Kubiak would have been a reasonable option when he is available.

It is unlikely that the 49ers would've allowed Kubiak to interview as they get ready for their Super Bowl matchup in less than two weeks. He has been a big part in helping that offense open the passing attack. He is still very young and has held the title of offensive coordinator twice during his career. It seems like it might be time for another chance.

He has NFL bloodlines, with his brother in NFL coaching and their father being Gary Kubiak. That should provide a great offensive mind and a potential quarterback coaching hire with Smith now as coordinator. His brother Klay Kubiak could be an option as the quarterback's coach if Mike Sullivan departs. The Steelers had plenty of quality options available, but they just had to wait a little longer, which they didn't want to do.

One would have to assume that Kubiak will be in high demand, as the 49ers offensive minds usually are. He has worked closely with Kyle Shanahan and that should help him grow his coaching mind and how to run an offense. His first couple of stints as coordinator have been about average, but with new knowledge from his new experiences, he should be able to take his play calling to the next level.