5 options the Steelers should have hired over Arthur Smith as Offensive Coordinator

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Tee Martin should've gotten an interview to be an offensive coordinator

Another name that would have made sense for an interview from the Steelers this week was Tee Martin. He is currently the Ravens quarterback's coach. He has worked closely with Lamar Jackson, and they had one of the best offenses in the NFL this season. It seems like Jackson is going to be named the MVP of the NFL for his efforts this past campaign.

One would have to imagine that Martin and other coaches on the Ravens staff will get plenty of attention for different promotions across the NFL. Martin helped Jackson get back on track and return to his MVP level. A quarterbacks coach cannot take a ton of that credit, but Martin has done a nice job since he joined the Ravens.

He has been with the Ravens since 2021 and has coached their receivers and more recently quarterbacks. He has no play-calling experience in the NFL, but he does have a wide-ranging resume calling plays in college and focusing on the passing element of the offense. It makes sense as Martin is a former quarterback who even had a playing career that went from 2000 to 2005.

Martin was not a great player, but he does have a connection to the Steelers as the team drafted him in the fifth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. Translating college success over to the pros is no easy task. Even though he doesn't have any NFL play-calling experience at least he has done it in the past. Tomlin might still have interest in Martin for a lesser role than offensive coordinator.