5 places to visit in Pittsburgh for the Yinzer experience during the 2026 NFL Draft

Pittsburgh will host the 2026 NFL Draft and those who visit need to see these places to have the yinzer experience.
City skyline and Fort Pitt Bridge...
City skyline and Fort Pitt Bridge... / John Greim/GettyImages

It was just announced that Pittsburgh will be the host city of the 2026 NFL Draft. Even those who don't love football in the steel city should be celebrating this news. Yes, traffic might be packed, but the city is going to make a ton of money off this event. We will see when the actual dates are set, but normally the draft falls on the last Thursday of April.

We will see what the weather is like in the city at that point as it can be rainy and chilly. Let's hope for the best. This draft will bring a lot of outside visitors to the city.

First-time visitors will be in awe of the many bridges and other beautiful things the city has to offer. For those looking for things to do in the city to get the full Yinzer experience, take a look at the list below.

Mount Washington Overlook will leave visitors too stunned to speak

Why not kick things off with a quick pit stop for those coming to visit Pittsburgh? Not many would expect the city of Steel to have some pretty views around it.

Look no further than the Mount Washington Overlook for those looking to get a nice view of the city. This is also a perfect spot for those searching for a great picture of the city.

Pittsburgh is known for their inclines, so make sure to ride one

Something that makes Pittsburgh unique is its inclines. They show it all the time during prime-time games hosted in the city. They are still in use and people take the incline every day for their daily commute. It does cost a couple of dollars, and they only take cash.

Keep that in mind, but I would recommend taking the Duquesne incline. It takes you to a great view and you can see everything on the ride to the top of the mountain.

Go shop in the Strip District and try the famous Primanti sandwich

If you want to do some shopping, look no further than the Strip District. Its old factories have changed into strips of shops and restaurants. They sell a bunch of things down there and is one of the more Yinzer parts of the city.

While you are down there stop at the original Primanti Brothers shop and try the Pittsburgh famous sandwich. It has meat, cheese, fries, coleslaw, and tomato in between two fresh slices of Italian bread.

Visit the sports stadiums in Pittsburgh during the 2026 NFL Draft

If you are coming here to witness the NFL Draft in 2026, you must be a sports fan. This is the city of champions who love their sports teams. While you are here don't be a stranger to check out all three sports stadiums.

Acrisure, the home of the Steelers, PPG Paints Arena, the home of the Penguins if they are in season, and PNC Park, the home of the Pirates. All three are great places to watch a game.

Pittsburgh is home to some of the best museums in the world

For those who love history or just checking out some art, Pittsburgh has great museums around town. Check out the Andy Warhol Museum and walk across the bridge holding his namesake. Check out any of the Carnegie museums to get the feel of different times in history.

Don't forget about the Heinz History Center, where you can see a ton of historical items from the history of the Steel City.

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