5 players that the Steelers could cut before they even report to training camp

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One of the starting guards from last season could be cut by the Steelers

Kevin Dotson would make for a solid backup guard behind James Daniels and Isaac Seumalo. He was the starting left guard for the past several seasons and is average to below average in that role. Dotson is not a draft bust as the fourth-round pick has been a decent starter that has not been able to progress since his rookie campaign.

There have been speculations recently that this guard could be looking for a new shot with another club. It makes sense when you dissect his situation with his childhood team that currently employs him. Dotson has lost his starting job and there is no chance of retaining it in the future, barring an unforeseen injury.

Another thing hurting him is the lack of position flexibility as he is only seen as a guard unless he shows otherwise in camp. Green has at least shown that he can play center and guard, no matter if his lack of success is not something to brag about. That lack of option as a center could hurt him, but his better quality of experience at guard would put him over Green in most roster constructions.

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The biggest concern with Dotson is what he claimed about first-round pick Broderick Jones to the media. He claimed that he will likely not start in year one. It was poor judgment for him to state those claims, but it might have been a miscommunication. If he meant it as a slight, then that could affect a locker room. That could change Dotson's immediate future with this club as they might trade or cut him if he meant those things maliciously.