5 players the Steelers have to part ways with in the upcoming 2024 offseason

  • Levi Wallace should not be extended
  • Mason Cole could be a salary-cap casualty
  • Patrick Peterson hasn't panned out for the Steelers

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Mason Cole should be in consideration as a cap casualty this offseason

One of the unspoken developments in this campaign thus far has been how poorly Mason Cole has played to this point. Now, it is not all of his fault as most of the interior of the offensive line has had its fair share of struggles. It is hard to look past Cole's performances though and it is starting to make his contract seem unpopular to keep around.

There could be a lot of money saved by cutting Cole and there are better options in the coming draft. Perhaps the Steelers will take the same approach with the center position as they did this year with their tackle dilemma. One would imagine that even if Pittsburgh takes a center high in the draft, they will make them work for a starting job as they have done with Broderick Jones.

It would infuriate many as they know Cole would be better off as a backup, but that is up to the coaching staff. Again, a lot of this rides on the player's performance the rest of the season, but Cole will need to step up in the remaining weeks ahead. His score this season has been worse than last year, and it has shocked some.

Many thought he would be able to build off of last season and become a solid center for the Steelers moving forward. He has only regressed, and it seems like his name could be cut with nearly five million dollars of cap savings if they would release him after June 1. He is a leader in the locker room, but leaders can't play if they are not doing well in their profession.