5 players the Steelers have to part ways with in the upcoming 2024 offseason

  • Levi Wallace should not be extended
  • Mason Cole could be a salary-cap casualty
  • Patrick Peterson hasn't panned out for the Steelers
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Allen Robinson II has not worked out in Pittsburgh and his cap savings is high

It might not be entirely Allen Robinson II's fault, but things have not worked out in Pittsburgh thus far. He might just be at the point where he might consider retirement right now. He got traded for pennies on the dollar out of LA and it seemed like a solid move for the Steelers at the time. Instead, the offense has been terrible, and Robinson does not get much attention.

Again, not everything is his fault because he does not get many targets throughout a game. But he also struggles to create separation on his routes, which is a problem when he is the top slot receiver for the club. His contract has always been an issue for Robinson, and it might be too much for Pittsburgh to keep around.

According to Over the Cap's website, releasing Robinson with a post-June first designation would free up ten million dollars. That is a lot of spending cash to free up for a club that would love some more money to spend come free agency. The Steelers are known for drafting and developing receivers so it's likely they would cut Robinson and draft a replacement.

Otherwise, they could have Calvin Austin III fill that void if Robinson gets cut. He has cap casualty written all over him. He would be a nice option if he cost far less than what he commands right now. Perhaps a pay cut could resolve some things, or maybe they will just have to go their separate ways. Hard to totally evaluate Robinson right now with how stale the offense is.