5 players the Steelers have to part ways with in the upcoming 2024 offseason

  • Levi Wallace should not be extended
  • Mason Cole could be a salary-cap casualty
  • Patrick Peterson hasn't panned out for the Steelers
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Patrick Peterson has not been a good free agent addition for the Steelers

Most thought that the addition of Patrick Peterson this past free agency session would solve a lot of issues for the Steelers secondary. Wallace was coming off a solid season at corner and the addition of Peterson was seen as filling the last void open. It took the pressure off the draft to reach for a cornerback, but Joey Porter Jr. fell to them anyway.

It was teased that Peterson might take on different roles in the secondary, but all those thoughts have gone out the window. Peterson has clearly lost a step and cannot thrive in the NFL anymore. It might be time for him to call it a career. It will be tough to find reasons to get him back with the club other than his leadership of the team.

One of the main factors he needs to go is his performance based on pay and he is getting paid too much right now. Pittsburgh could save almost seven million bucks by cutting Peterson with a post-June-first designation. That is some quality savings that could help you land an upgrade at corner with a younger player who has speed.

Father Time is undefeated and it looks like he has finally caught up to Peterson with how poorly he has played this year. Mike Tomlin will find this move difficult, even though it seems obvious when you look at his film this year. Maybe they will find a way to keep him around and try something at safety, but Peterson either needs to adapt to somewhere else or he will be off the team.