5 players the Steelers have to part ways with in the upcoming 2024 offseason

  • Levi Wallace should not be extended
  • Mason Cole could be a salary-cap casualty
  • Patrick Peterson hasn't panned out for the Steelers
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Chuks Okorafor could become the odd-man out in the trenches

Tackle is one of the hot topics for the black and gold this season. They have struggled to commit to starting rookie Broderick Jones for most of the campaign even though they traded up to draft him. They have stuck to starting Dan Moore Jr. and Chuks Okorafor at both tackle spots when both were happy until week nine of competition.

Week nine was different as Okorafor was benched for an unknown reason heading into the game and Jones had another solid outing as a starter. He has now posted two solid games at both left and right tackle as a rookie. One would have to imagine that this will open the door for Jones to potentially play more games down the stretch.

Depending on how that goes and which side he starts on, that could spell disaster for Okorafor's future with the team. He costs the Steelers a lot of money to keep around and they could save a lot of spending change by cutting post-June 1. They could save a little under nine million dollars by sending Okorafor looking for a job elsewhere. Maybe they could even trade him away.

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By cutting the likes of those mentioned in the article and not re-signing Wallace, the Steelers could have a little over 38 million dollars to spend to re-sign some of their own and add free agents. The draft will be another big piece for their talent acquisitions this offseason, but they could have a lot of spending cash by cutting some cap casualties.