5 positions the Steelers need to have their eyes glued to at the NFL Combine

The Steelers need to pay close attention to these positions at the NFL Combine.

NFL Combine
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Even though the NFL Combine has become a full-week affair in recent years, the actual fun doesn't begin till later this week. Every team will be present to varying degrees, and there will be a lot of rumors and action around the event. With Justin Fields still rumored to the Steelers, it seems like there could be a resolution to that quarterback option for Pittsburgh.

This is nothing but a workout for draft hopefuls as they try and put up good times and reps on the fields of Indianapolis. The Steelers will be represented well at the event and that should lead to more information coming out about which prospects they interview. The NFL Draft is getting closer by the day and the Combine gives the prospects another opportunity to jump off the page.

Wide receiver is a sneaky need for the Steelers at the NFL Combine

With other trade rumors swirling with the Steelers potentially listening to offers on Diontae Johnson, this position could be even more dire. George Pickens should be able to handle the responsibilities of being a number-one receiver for their offense, but some other talent will need to be brought in. Even if Johnson isn't traded, getting a receiver remains a priority, especially in the slot.

The fast guys get all the attention during the NFL Combine. Everyone wants to see if a receiver, cornerback, or running back can break the 40 record. There have been plenty of players who have shown off quality speed and agility in the past. That trend should continue here. If you play at a position that demands speed like receiver does, then the Combine means a lot.

If you are slow or can't show the ability to accelerate quickly, then that will be a knock against you. There will be a lot of receivers in attendance that the Steelers have already shown interest in earlier in the pre-draft process. Keep an eye on names like Roman Wilson, Jacob Cowing, and Jalen Coker just to name a few. Receiver is a need, and Pittsburgh will try to address that in free agency and potentially in the draft too.