5 possible steals the Steelers could make in 2023 NFL Draft

Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson / Ken Ruinard / USA TODAY NETWORK
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CB Emmanuel Forbes, Pick 49

Another name that I liked early in this process, Emmaunel Forbes was an extremely productive player at Mississippi State. He racked up six interceptions this past season, showcasing his ball skills, and was one of the best overall coverage players in college football. Add in some elite athletic testing and Forbes is a player to circle.

Forbes's play doesn’t start and stop with his coverage ability. He is also a physical player that is a willing run defender and likes to get aggressive against receivers. He has the makings of a great potential outside cornerback given all of these positive traits.

The lone reason teams are weary of him is his listed weight is only 166 pounds. That is light for any position, but for a cornerback that will be seeing receivers nearly 30-50 pounds heavier than he is on any given play, it can be an issue. He will need to add weight as a pro to get closer to the average weight class and to help avoid injuries.

Assuming he can do that though, Forbes has the makings of an elite outside cornerback. He will likely fall given his weight concerns and just how deep this cornerback room is, and if the Steelers can land him with pick 49 it would be well worth the risk. Forbes is a complete prospect outside of his weight and the team should be running their card up if he is available that late in the draft.