5 possible steals the Steelers could make in 2023 NFL Draft

Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson / Ken Ruinard / USA TODAY NETWORK
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DE Bryan Bresee, Pick 32

As stated before, the college game doesn’t create many defensive ends that fit the prototypical mold for what the Steelers want. Dexter is one of the prime candidates and Bryan Bresee is the other one. The Clemson defender had a very hot and cold career for the Tigers, but he has the athleticism and natural talent to become an impact defender.

Bresee was a highly touted prospect that, at times, showcased just how talented he was. He looked unblockable at times, overpowering offensive linemen and recking havoc on offenses. His blend of athleticism and power made him hard to block, and he was impactful as both a run defender and a pass rusher.

The issue was his consistency. At times, Bresee disappeared from games, and a lot of it was due to lingering injuries. He missed a lot of time early in his career, and it hampered his overall stats in school. Add in the last season that saw him lose his sister and, there is a lot of projection with Bresee at the next level.

Landing him at pick 32 would be a steal. Like Dexter, he needs some seasoning as a pro, but he would be given the necessary time to develop. Bresee’s ceiling is extremely high, and if given the proper time, he can become a true superstar. This defensive line needs an infusion of talent, and Bresee can develop into a long-term starter.