5 potential NFL cap casualties the Steelers must target in free agency

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Geno Smith is a starting Quarterback that the Steelers could target

Quarterback is going to be a position that is looked at closely this offseason for the Steelers. It seems like free agency won't be a strong market for quarterbacks, but there could be some interesting options to challenge Kenny Pickett. Names like Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, and Russel Wilson will be the top names people demand.

Looking at more realistic options might be the best course of action for the Steelers and temper down what the fans imagine. It might be someone like Ryan Tannehill or maybe even an unexpected cap casualty like Geno Smith. Smith is someone that could see the door shown to him this offseason. It is a realistic possibility.

He has been the starter in Seattle for the past two years. He did a good enough job to stick around and got the league talking after last season where he did an admirable job for Seattle less than a year after trading Wilson at the time. Another area of interest is the connection between Smith's time in West Virginia and the closeness to Pittsburgh that it presented.

Seattle would save 13 million dollars if they let Smith go this offseason. They're in cap troubles of their own and they have a new coaching staff on the way. The Steelers would get a proven veteran guy who can push for the starting spot but also be comfortable as a backup if needed. Smith is a sneaky option for Pittsburgh if he does get cut by the Seahawks.