5 potential NFL cap casualties the Steelers must target in free agency

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Mike Hilton could return to Pittsburgh in Free Agency if he becomes available

A reunion in Pittsburgh? Maybe it could become a reality. Mike Hilton left Pittsburgh years ago in free agency and the Steelers have been kicking themselves since. Hilton proved to be much more difficult to replace than Mike Tomlin had thought. Hilton moved to Cincinnati and remains a top-slot cornerback in the league.

Cincinnati has a ton of cap space this offseason, so Hilton may return for at least another year. The issue with that amount of cap space is the number of valued players that are pending free agents. The Bengals will need to re-sign many and reconstruct some of their roster. There are other big contracts on the horizon like Ja'Marr Chase.

Hilton could be on the chopping block if cap space is too sparse. They do have some alternative options that are younger and could play a similar role if Hilton were let go. If he is cut, then a return to the Steelers would be a logical choice for both player and team. The history is there, but it all depends on if Hilton becomes available.

Chandon Sullivan wasn't good in the slot role, even an older version of Hilton will be an upgrade over the current situation. He still has quality play in front of him and the Steelers would like to show interest. This scenario mostly hinges on whether Hilton will be let go or not with the amount of cap space they will have this offseason to work with.