5 potential NFL cap casualties the Steelers must target in free agency

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Hunter Renfrow could be a cheap slot receiver option for the Steelers

Both sides of the ball in the slot both at receiver and cornerback have not been good for the Steelers. The offense has been a mixed bag of players that Pittsburgh has tried to throw different bodies at. Chase Claypool, Steven Simms, and Allen Robinson II are just a few names that the black and gold have tried. All of those options have mostly failed.

Now the Steelers are back looking for a slot receiver as Robinson is likely to be a cap casualty himself with a ten-million-dollar savings number if cut. There could be another interesting option available in free agency if the Raiders cut him. There could be many teams interested in Hunter Renfrow.

He started his career strong but has fallen off completely since he got a short-term contract extension. With a new front office and coaching staff, it seems like a good time to find Renfrow a new home. Las Vegas is projected to have nearly 40 million bucks in cap space currently.

They still need to sign plenty of pending free agents that were starters for them this past season, so that money will disappear quickly. It would make sense to move on from Renfrow, especially with how poorly he has been playing lately. He is a nice slot option looking for a bounce-back that the Steelers might be looking for this offseason.

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