5 potential free agents the Steelers could sign to improve their frail offense

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The Steelers could look to add in upgrade at center with Lloyd Cushenberry III

Another area of need this offseason regarding the offense will be the center. Mason Cole was signed during free agency a couple of years ago and things have not worked out. Many saw him as a player who should be a good anchor to this offensive line, but that has not happened. The Steelers will have to look long and hard at a decision about Cole.

They can save a lot of money if they decide to part with him. He has been one of the worst starting centers in the NFL since joining the black and gold. He needs to finish the season at a high level if he wants any shot at returning. Cole has opened the door for the Steelers to try and add a starting center either through the draft or free agency.

If free agency is the route Pittsburgh decides to go with, then someone like Lloyd Cushenberry III makes a lot of sense. He has been the starting center for the Denver Broncos over the past four seasons there. Cole did grade out over Cushenberry last season, but the upcoming free agent only participated in eight games last year.

He would be an upgrade over Cole, but it is unknown what kind of price he would dictate. Center is one of the most important positions on offense. They directly communicate with the quarterback about blitzes and the protection needed to fend them off. Cushenberry would be a nice get for the Steelers if they want to add a center in free agency.