5 potential free agents the Steelers could sign to improve their frail offense

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Most interesting free agent could be Baker Mayfield for the Steelers

Have to throw a quarterback in this article as Kenny Pickett refuses to show that he is the undoubted franchise quarterback for the Steelers. He has not shown that yet. There have been glimpses, but he has not been able to show it throughout the entirety of a game. Now with his injury affecting Pittsburgh's evaluation of their second-year quarterback, anything is on the table.

A lot of his future will ride on how the conclusion of the season happens. But the facts are that Pickett continues to get older with each passing day and has not shown much as the starter for a season and a half. Pittsburgh has to bring in competition or even an upgrade at the starting quarterback spot next season no matter if that's through the draft or free agency.

Many want Cousins to be the reliable veteran option, but someone like Baker Mayfield might make more sense. He is younger than Cousins and is having a great season overall with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has been part of their solution and not the problem of a club that seems to be struggling to find much footing elsewhere.

Mayfield should also be cheaper than Cousins would be. He is a former number-one overall pick and has been able to put up quality numbers throughout his NFL starts. Signing someone like Mayfield would not guarantee him a starting role, but it would push Pickett for that job. The Steelers need to figure out the quarterback position and Mayfield could be part of the solution.

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