5 potential free agents Steelers could sign to revamp their defense in 2024 offseason

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Jaylon Johnson already has a ton of connections to Pittsburgh

It was rumored that the Steelers had an interest in adding Jaylon Johnson via trade before the deadline happened. He is a big part of the Bear's defense and someone that Pittsburgh felt strong enough to offer a deal to. It seems like the price to acquire him via trade was too high and the team decided to roll with the cornerbacks they currently employ.

Joey Porter Jr. looks like the real deal as the rookie cornerback has been sensational since becoming a starter. He does have some issues when it comes to committing penalties and getting "grabby" in coverage at times. Overall, Porter has been great, it is the other side of the field at cornerback is where the issues fall.

Patrick Peterson has been getting better, but his age will only continue to show. Someone like Johnson in free agency would cost a pretty penny, but he would bring a solid tandem on the outside for this defense. Johnson has been one of the best players on a bad Chicago team for some time now. It will be interesting to monitor his market this offseason.

According to Spotrac's website, they currently have Johnson commanding about 17 million per year. That would be a hefty price to pay, but it would also sure up plenty of concerns in the secondary. The Steelers will probably check into his situation come free agency, but it won't be easy. That price might be too rich for them to reasonably consider him.