5 prospects the Steelers will fall in love with at the 2024 NFL Combine

These draft prospects are sure to interest the Steelers at the NFL Combine this week.

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Many have the Steelers interested in Amarius Mims in most mock drafts

Perhaps one of the favorites right now to be the Steeler's top pick in the draft is at right tackle. Amarius Mims out of Georgia specifically has become a hot commodity in most of the mock drafts that have come out recently. He is similar to Broderick Jones coming out of last year's draft based on a couple of traits.

Both Jones and Mims are on the younger side coming out of college, and both could be considered raw. They have high upsides, but it will take proper coaching to get that out of the player. It should also be noted that both are quality athletes for their respective sizes. Those are different things that the Steelers look for in their top draft picks.

With Jones being their top pick last year, it isn't hard to make the connection with Mims this time around. Pittsburgh watched so much film on Jones that they were bound to learn about Mims. That could have tipped them off. Keep those different things in mind during the NFL Combine this week as Mims will reportedly work out at the event.

He has high upside and should be able to slide into the starting right tackle spot at some point in his rookie year. He might be seen as rawer than Jones was coming out of Georgia. He just needs some extra seasoning, and the Steelers have starting options if they want him to sit on the bench for a while to learn. Mims is a top name for Pittsburgh right now, and the combine should help his first-round chase.