5 prospects the Steelers will fall in love with at the 2024 NFL Combine

These draft prospects are sure to interest the Steelers at the NFL Combine this week.

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Khyree Jackson should have a good week at the NFL Combine

Cornerback is another sore spot on the Steeler's roster as they head into the offseason. They might make some moves between now and the start of free agency. Levi Wallace is a pending free agent, and the future of Patrick Peterson is currently unknown. It seems like Wallace will leave and Peterson will stick around in another role, but nothing has been finalized.

Pittsburgh likes their corners to have some swagger and physicality with their game. Joey Porter Jr. is the perfect example as he is not afraid to cover someone one-on-one and play some press coverage. He was tremendous but the opposite side is empty, and the slot role remains a need. Cornerback could be a position the Steelers have to double-dip at.

There will be plenty of quality cornerbacks at the event, and this position is one affected by their combine results. They could still redeem themselves at their Pro Days, but the combine is where a lot of their draft stock goes. These players need to show agility and speed. They have to keep up with the elite receivers in the NFL.

Khyree Jackson is a raw cornerback coming out of Oregon who has limited starting experience at a big college program. He has a tremendous size that many NFL evaluators will love to see. If he can show that his speed will only complement that size, then Jackson will be rising draft boards. The Steelers will surely show interest in a player like him after a strong showing at the combine.

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