5 quarterback options the Steelers could add in 2024 to push Kenny Pickett

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We are over halfway through the 2023 season for the Steelers upon writing this article. Their offense has been solid in the fourth quarter for the most part, but they have struggled throughout the first three quarters of a football game. A lot of blame has been placed on offensive coordinator Matt Canada, and for good reason. He has been bad at his job.

Many forget to look past Canada and look at some other issues that have only elevated his bad play calling. Many don't want to admit it, but Kenny Pickett is a big reason as to why the Steelers offense has been terrible. He cannot be the sole blame, but his slow starts are a big concern moving forward. He was supposed to show signs of improvement, and those signs are nonexistent.

Baker Mayfield could be an interesting option for the Steelers

After a great start with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, their season has fallen off. Mayfield has been a solid starter for them and has given them chances to win for the most part. Overall, he has been a better quarterback than Pickett has been all season. Some might wonder what adding Mayfield and his fiery personality would bring to the Steelers.

Mitch Trubisky is the backup right now, but no one would believe that he could push Pickett out of his starting job. Signing someone like Mayfield to challenge for that spot on a team with a lot of talented players could only sharpen a player. Many know where Mayfield comes from throughout his career, and that could only add some fuel to the fire.

Plenty speculated that he could have joined Pittsburgh when he was on his way out of the Browns organization. The Steelers could provide an ultimate revenge spot for Mayfield. The biggest thing will be what kind of contract he could ask for in an otherwise light quarterback class in the upcoming free agency cycle. He would be a great option to push Pickett every week to start.