5 quarterback options the Steelers could add in 2024 to push Kenny Pickett

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Gardner Minshew would be another solid option this offseason

Although he has been mostly a backup throughout his career, Gardner Minshew might be one of the most likely options on this list. Mason Rudolph is going to be a free agent after the conclusion of this season, and it seems possible that the Steelers will be looking to add another quarterback to their room. Minshew might be a good option.

Andy Weidl was with the Philadelphia Eagles when Minshew was there, so a connection can be found that quickly. Some even rumored that this quarterback might have had some interest from the black and gold last offseason when he was a free agent. He has been having a solid season ever since taking over as the Colts starter due to injury.

Other than having a connection with Pittsburgh's front office, Minshew could bring a lot of depth to the quarterback's room. He has a lot of starting experience in the NFL, and he also has been a backup throughout his career. Having someone who is starting games and finding different ways to win those starts could be a nice benefit to have around a young quarterback.

Right now, Minshew is outdueling Pickett when you compare their stats side by side. It's hard to tell if that is more troublesome for Pickett or if Minshew is just playing that good of football currently. This would make a lot of sense, but again the issue might come down to cap space. Minshew is not making a ton this ear, but if he keeps up his current pace then he should command a lot more this offseason.