5 quarterback options the Steelers could add in 2024 to push Kenny Pickett

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Jimmy Garoppolo could be a great option to push Kenny Pickett next year

Las Vegas is in a tough spot right now after they fired their Head coach a couple of weeks ago. They will roll through the rest of their schedule ahead and hope for brighter days ahead. The issue is they have a lot of issues and not a ton of cap space to fix those problems. It would make sense for a new coach coming in to focus on making plenty of changes to this roster.

Jimmy Garoppolo was brought in this past offseason and signed an expensive deal during that time. It made sense as he was seen as a winner and someone who would not lose games. Sadly, for both of these parties, that has not worked out with the Raiders as their defense is not as good as the 49ers. Things look bleak for the future of the Raiders for now.

One would have to imagine that Las Vegas will try and move on from Garoppolo if possible. The issue is that it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to cut him. They would gain almost no cap space from doing that this season. Perhaps a trade where the Raiders eat a lot of his cap and move him to a new opportunity could benefit a lot of people.

That is where the Steelers come in unless the Raiders would just be frustrated enough to cut him this offseason. Garoppolo would be joining an environment that would be similar to the one he was in with San Francisco. He has also been rumored to Pittsburgh in the past, but it never worked out. He is a proven winner and someone that would push Pickett for his job.