5 quarterback options the Steelers could add in 2024 to push Kenny Pickett

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Ryan Tannehill could be a nice mentor signing to push Pickett

Another realistic option that could make sense for both sides is Ryan Tannehill. Many might not think highly of him, but he is a good enough quarterback right now who could come in and push Pickett more than Trubisky ever could. He got benched with the Titans this year after a troubling start to their offense. He is used to a similar style of offense that Pittsburgh wants to run.

Tennessee relies on their rushing attack, and Mike Tomlin would love for their offense to be that way. That opens the door for someone like Tannehill to become a solid starter who has been above average throughout his career. He is starting to get older, so there might be slim chances for him elsewhere around the league.

The Titans seem ready to move onto younger options, so adding someone like this veteran presence would be a good addition for the Steelers. Tannehill has been on record in the past of not wanting to mentor young quarterbacks, but it seems like things have changed ever since Will Levis has taken over for Tennessee.

Signing Tannehill would mean the conversation to help Pickett's game progress would need to happen before it became official. All that plus his chance to become the starter for Pittsburgh if he is able to play past the level of Pickett. Tannehill is a sneaky option that could go under the radar this offseason. Keep an eye on his name the closer free agency gets.