5 receivers the Steelers could target in free agency to boost their offense

The Steelers could target one of these receivers in Free Agency to upgrade their offense

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The Steelers should target Noah Brown to upgrade at slot receiver

One name in free agency that is not getting a lot of attention right now is Noah Brown. He has been flying under the radar around the NFL for a while now, but he deserves another legit starting role on an NFL offense. He earned that last season with the Houston Texans. He was on a cheap deal there, and that should earn him a little bit of a pay raise.

He only made a little over two and a half million last season, but he was able to grow his resume. Last year was one of his best in the NFL. The Texan's offense was great, and Brown played a part in helping their offense get down the field. It seems like both he and the Texans might be moving on as he mostly plays in the slot.

Houston could always re-sign him, but they might be looking for bigger impact players moving forward. Brown is someone who is projected to make a little over five million per year on his next contract. It seems like he could be rewarded with a three-year deal that pays him those figures. That would be a huge win for Brown after gambling on himself a year prior.

The Steelers would be a great fit for this receiver and Brown would be an upgrade over Robinson. He is still only 28 years old, so giving him a three-year deal is not going to destroy your cap figures in future years. If Pittsburgh wants to get a cheaper option in free agency to upgrade their slot receiver role, then look no further than Brown.