5 receivers the Steelers could target in free agency to boost their offense

The Steelers could target one of these receivers in Free Agency to upgrade their offense

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K.J. Osborne could be an interesting pickup in Free Agency

We go from one slot receiver option to another in this free agency list. There are rumors that the Steelers want to bring Robinson back at a reduced rate, but that price cut probably won't materialize. Even if it does, the club has to look at their options on the open market to upgrade in the slot. Robinson cannot be the only option to start there.

Brown would be the cheaper option, and Boyd would likely be the most expensive slot receiver option on the market. A name that will probably end up in the middle of those two markets is K.J. Osborne. He has been a highly productive player since being drafted in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings.

Kirk Cousins seemed to rely on Osborne, especially over the past several seasons. As injuries hampered the Vikings at receiver, he was able to start taking on a bigger role on offense. He has never eclipsed a thousand receiving yards in a season, but he has caught plenty of touchdowns. This free-agent option is someone the Steelers could love.

Osborne is projected to make about seven and a half million over two years on his next contract. That is a reasonable price, and that short-term on his contract should attract teams. If the Steelers want a young upgrade in the slot that won't break the bank for a long time, then Osborne should be their guy. He has high production and would add a new jolt on offense.