5 receivers the Steelers could target in free agency to boost their offense

The Steelers could target one of these receivers in Free Agency to upgrade their offense

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Kendrick Bourne could be a nice get for the Steelers in Free Agency

Rounding out the list of potential receiver options in free agency for the Steelers is Kendrick Bourne. Even if the club moves on from Johnson via trade, they might want to double dip in both free agency and the draft. If they decide to do that then signing someone like Bourne might become a real possibility. He didn't have a great time in New England, but he has applied numbers to his resume.

He is coming off a contract with the Patriots after starting his career as an undrafted free agent with the San Francisco 49ers. He was able to grow as a player and eventually cash in the last time he was a free agent. It seems like both he and the Patriots are ready to move on from one another. He did alright there, but nothing too spectacular.

Having Bourne as a second or third option at receiver would be the best situation for him to thrive in. After a great first season in New England, he started to regress. He hasn't eclipsed the 500-yard mark in a season for a couple of years now. That should concern people if they want him to be a top receiver for their offense.

Bourne would be a nice fit in Pittsburgh as George Pickens is the top guy, and Johnson can remain the second option. That would allow Bourne to provide quality depth and someone who can jump onto the field and make plays when called upon. He won't break the bank either as many project him making a little under five million per season on his next deal.

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